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House - Private bath - 1 bed
This is NOT an apartment listing. You will be renting a ROOM in a shared housing unit. Nice size room with a walk in closet and another smaller closet. Room is not furnished, but can be furnished with a bed and dresser upon request. The shared common areas consist of 2 full baths. 1 on the 1st floor and 1 on the 2nd floor, a laundry area in the basement along with separate living room & dining room areas and of course a kitchen. All utilities are included in the rent so no need to worry about water, light or gas bills every month. With the close vicinity of roommates, extra attention to noise levels is required. We ask you to be extra quiet after 9pm, follow all house rules by cleaning up your own mess in the common areas and respect your share mates. Public transportation lines at the crossroads are 75th street bus and Cottage Grove bus. Also walking distance to a Metra line.

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